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  • At 60 Minutes Translations, our
  • professionals have shown, keeping a strict
  • eye on the assignments’ quality, making
  • conversions of languages at over 300 words
  • an hour; up to 2700 words in a day.
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  • 60 Minutes Translations runs on a perfect
  • integration of people and technology,
  • allowing us to give you an excellent finished
  • product.
  • We do not associate compromises with quality;
  • we belief you deserve only the best.
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  • Would our clients lie? Here is what they have to say
  • Providing you with exceptional translation services is our goal, which will compel you to return without hesitation. Constructing lasting, professional relationships based on trust on all your translation projects
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When you face a translation project you need to have the best team on your side - 60 Minutes Translations. We promise you quality and experience beyond your expectation


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Our goal is to provide you with outstanding translation services, which will compel you to return without hesitation. Building lasting relationships build on trust


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