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The History of the German Language:

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With the development of globalization, many people are coming to understand more about the various languages engaged all over the globe, as well as the relevant terminologies associated with the diversity of languages. Hence, the reason for the increase in the variety of interpretations requirements which 60 Minutes Translations provides. To connect with people around the globe adequately, translation services provide you with the proper solution.

The 60 Minutes Translations expert translators are exceptional and some of the most capable translators on an international level, and they all appreciate the need for translation to the variety of languages engaged throughout the world.

The German language provides means of communication to roughly 200 million people in total. Roughly, 90 million individuals speak Hoch Deutsch or Standard German while several German variations of German accommodate 30 million individuals. Approximately 80 million individuals use German as a second language, and a vast amount of scholars study German as a foreign language. German is a West Germanic language, which people speak mainly in Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, and Belgium. Several countries recognize German as a minority language and there are substantial German-speaking communities in Canada, Australia, Chile, and South Arica among several others.

The song of Hildebrand, fragments of an epic poem, German glosses in Latin manuscripts, and magical charms dates back to the 8th century AD and is the oldest known samples of written German. The Abrogans, written in 760s is a short Latin-German published dictionary.

German literature began to bloom in the 12th and 13th centuries though epics, poems, and romances. The Song of the Nibelungs or the epic Nibelungenlied and Tristan by Gottfried von Straßburg are well-known examples. Today we call the version of German used then Mitte Hoch Deutsche Dichtersprache or in English Middle High German poetic language. Throughout this period, German gradually replaced Latin as the official language for documentation.

Hoch Deutsch developed as the standard literary language in the 16th century. The conversion of the Bible by Martin Luther that he finished in 1534 indicated the initiating of this process. Through the language, he used during the translation, provided the standard for written German.

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We offer more than traditional translation services. With outstanding technology, we have the capability to translate your website, applications, and software. In some instances, your client can even select the dialect they would like to use. To obtain more information, please continue your journey from our home page

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When you are considering the various options of translation services available to you, you can be certain that 60 Minutes Translations will support you with the most suitable solutions you may require. Throughout the years, we came to understand and appreciate what our clients’ needs are regarding interpretation and translation.

Simultaneously we educated ourselves on the complexity of languages and all the nuances associated with the diversity of styles found around the globe. As we investigated, explored, and studied the compound existence of language, we understand that any individual will experience an anxiety concerning the interpretation of a foreign language. We committed ourselves to engage only those interpreters and translators that will provide exceptional services to our clients.

Since our translators are native speakers residing in the country, in which they perform conversions, they have a broad understanding that includes more than the mere language. In addition to the extensive experience in language, they also comprehend the context and perspective involved in the relevant region. With this positive reception, they perform the translation assignments with exceptional successes.

Transcription Services

In addition to the translation services, 60 Minutes Translations provide you with professional transcription services. With no limitation to the video or audio resource, we are capable of providing you with accurate transcriptions and at no additional expense; we provide subtitles for your video material when you require having it. Our transcription service delivers top quality and is fit for any audio or video transcription you may need including business meeting minutes, testimonials, and directives to mention a few.

Certificate of Translation Accuracy

When required our translators can add the statement confirming that the translation is accurate, correct, and true “to the best of his knowledge and ability.” The certification is a legal formality as all our translators will deliver translations that are accurate to the best of their knowledge and belief.

Please note that our services do not include notary. When a client require this service, he needs to engage the services of a public notary.

Certification requires an additional charge, which is available on request.

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60 Minutes Translations provides their clients with fast, reliable translation services around the clock at competitive pricing. Our expert translation team will provide you with professional translations, delivering exclusive results. You submit your translation project, and we start with it almost immediately. Within the shortest time possible, you will receive your project back in your inbox.

60 Minutes Translations endorse quality by employing accomplished and knowledgeable professionals, supreme technologies, and processes on multiple layers.

We provide the best value for money in the translation market, which serves as motive to set an unmatchable set of quality standards.

We have a strict policy that no additional charges will inconvenience our clients. Therefore, we engage a fixed price on all our translation projects, with no exceptions. We believe that the customer comes first, and your translation projects should be professionally affordable. Transparency is our key objective, and you will not incur any additional hidden charges when you receive the invoice.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Without any exception, all our translators in our community signs a compulsory NDA before becoming part of the 60 Minutes Translations network. Our clients enjoy an all embracive cover by our terms and contract.

Particular companies require a customer specific NDA. Once our legal department and the client come to agreement, we have no objection to consent to the NDA agreed upon.

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