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Metamorphosing Professional Translation to Excellence

60 Minutes Translations transformed traditional expert translation to the digital environment. We focus on providing you with professional translation services from a team of focused expert translators, which has access to supreme technologies, delivering surpassing results in an effective and reasonable manner

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High Quality
Human Translation
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Native speaking
certified translators
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World's fastest
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75 languages,
2,500 language pairs
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About Us

Best Translators - At 60 Minutes Translations, our professionals have shown, keeping a strict eye on the assignments’ quality, making conversions of languages at over 300 words an hour; up to 2700 words in a day.

Modernized Strategies - 60 Minutes Translations focuses on getting your translations done in the minimum of time, not only by having a team of focused experts but also by making them work together, in a highly organized and systematic way.

Fast Services -As our name suggests, “60 MINUTES TRANSLATIONS" ? We lay a great emphasis on completing the job done in the shortest time possible. We use several streamlined approaches to achieve this.

Time Management Techniques - We deliver on our guarantee to you; no one can do it faster.

Countdown Timer - For us completing your work on time is everything.

Quick Facts

  • Profile Symbol Man in green Pullover and a Speaking Bubble Languages > 75
  • Questionaire of two People Language pair > 2500
  • Planet Earth Different Countries > 100
  • Thump up Customer satisfaction > 93.1%
  • Somebody studies Technical Stuff Subject Matter experts > 15,000

Additional Services

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Simplify Email Communication.
Translate to native languages

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Translation API

Simplify Translation for High Volumes,
Incorporate with your CMS

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Affiliate program

Earn an income by referring clients

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Word Counters

Free Word Counters for any document format

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Is It Google?

Detecting Machine Translation.
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