60 Minutes Translations played an integral role in our company's expansion into foreign markets. Providing us with the ability to deliver correspondence and sales literature to potential consumers in several diverse language gave us the edge over our competitors. 60 Minutes Translations delivered accurate technical translations in a variety of languages; all of which we verified with our representatives in the various countries. We have distributed these translations globally via general correspondence, emails, and catalogues. The products gave us great pleasure, as well as the timely services, which 60 Minutes Translations provides our company.

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We operate an Alloy Wheel Wholesale company in South Africa, which depends mainly on imports. Dealing with foreign companies was the hardest part in making the company a success.

We had the hardship to understand the communication we received, which lead to misunderstanding among the different parties.

After several embarrassing moments, we decided to explore the services provided by 60 Minutes Translations.

Since our first translation project, we never looked back. Their service is fast, reliable and efficient. Not once did we have to doubt the translations we received, and communication with our Chinese counterparts has become a breeze.

I would recommend them to anyone that deals with companies in foreign countries. IK Stapelberg

60 Minutes Translation has been a remarkable and reliable partner for us. All their staff is responsive, quality driven, and dependable, yet still their services are competitively affordable.

The consequences of this partnership are brilliant. With their assistance and support, we were able to expand the reach of the products we provide to markets that we had to avoid previously.

We are but a small company and was amazed by the results in our revenue and growth. 60 Minutes Translations opened the doors to our global market success.

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60 Minutes Translations offered the finest translation rates and the best value of all the professional translation companies we have dealt with.

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60 Minutes Translations’ staff is pleasant, professional, and at all times helpful. They were sensitive to my demanding scheduling needs and provided me with a top-quality product that opened doors for me when I immigrated to Australia. Thank You! E. Coetzee

I am completely ecstatic about the translation process for the release of our new online games. Thank you for each person that was part of this project. We truly appreciate the effort. The results are exceptional.

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The advice and support we receive from 60 Minutes Translations are timely and reliable. They take confidently into account all our translation requirements. When we need work done urgently, we can depend on them to get the task done without delay.

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The attention to detail and the prominence of customer satisfaction are key characteristics of the employees from 60 Minutes Translations. Their rates are reasonable and the delivery time is incredible.

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The 60 Minutes Translations team reveals its brilliant perception of the customer’s concepts and goals in the work they deliver. Effectiveness with an honest and courteous attitude towards the client and always opportune responses to all correspondence – these are key distinctive characteristics of the company

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60 Minutes Translations established itself as an expert and proficient partner. They are specialists in the world of translation, providing expert solutions for any translation project. The final results are outstanding.

We are amazed at the excellence of the translation services we received from 60 Minutes Translation, but even more so with the service.

Whenever the needs arise for us to contact them, someone was ready with the relevant information, providing us with support and assistance throughout every translation project. The turnaround time is incredibly fast on every project we submitted to date.


Our company transferred the majority of the work we need translated to 60 Minutes Translation. Since we made the move, our translations projects improved drastically. 60 MT is methodical in their work, and continuously walk the additional mile to provide us with the service we necessitate, never delaying us.

Their customer service is outstanding, and the employees are incredible to work with. We have engaged several translation service companies, and 60 Minutes Translations is by far the most efficient and organized company we have encountered. We hate to consider where our company would be if we did not manage to add 60 Minutes Translations as an extension of our company.

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Thank you for the prompt assistance you provide us and very quick translation. I would recommend 60 Minutes Translations to anyone requiring a technical translation without hesitation. There is no misgiving in my mind that we would make use of their services again in the future.

As an app developer, I always searched for new opportunities to grow my audience. 60 Minutes Translations provided me with amazing growths in my sales revenues after translating and localizing my apps to several languages. It opened doors that I never considered before.

Their services are of outstanding quality and my app reviews get better by the day. With their support and understanding of my needs and requirements, they function as a part of my company. After joining their Up Team Enterprise Solution, I have a team of dedicated translators working consistently on my projects.

I recommend their service to any developer you will not regret it.

I used to be a struggling small business holder with very limited experience with online trading. 60 Minutes Translations turned it around. With their support and assistance, I did not only learn a lot, but has a successful online business now, selling my craft products.

They had a lot of patients with me, explaining every step with diligence, keeping me in the loop of the complete process.

Thank you guys! You have a customer for life


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