When you have the pertinent real life experience and academic qualifications, you are free to join our community on the 60 Minutes Translations platform.
You require the adequate experience and qualifications for the languages you consider to translate to and from. At 60 Minutes Translations, we give preference to in-country, native speaking translators. However, we do make exceptions to this rule of thumb when the translator redeems him or herself as capable. registration as a translator and update all the indicated information requests. This process includes an updated LinkedIn profile, resume, and several other details involving your skills and qualifications. Please make sure to complete this comprehensively, as we are unable to evaluate your profile in its absence. To qualify as a translator, you can visit < a href="http://www.becomeatranslator.com">www.becomeatranslator.com for more information.
Knowledge and the daily use of a language are no longer adequate to qualify as a translator. When you registration,it is imperative that you be 100% transparent in how you represent you training, education, and other credentials.
You will receive a professional assessment to complete, which you need to pass, based on the information you provide. Our HR team performs a screening process, and when you pass this, as well as the rigorous assessment you will receive the verification. Expert translators go through the same screening process to verify their expertise.
We work on a “First Bidder” principle. When a client submits a translation project, our sophisticated software system notifies all the relevant translators via email about the new project, as well as all the details provided by the client concerning the project. As a relevant translator, you have the freedom to choose whether you want to accept the project or not. Should you accept the project, you need to commence without any unnecessary delays.
Our translators receive ratings from the clients, and those with the best ratings have a preference. It is essential to provide the best service possible to receive good ratings from the clients to ensure more projects coming your way.
We have different options available to process payments. When you registration, please select the payment option that will suit your needs best.
Under no circumstances do we permit machine translations. Should any translator decide to engage machine translation in his project, our quality control will reveal the practice. When disclosed, we will bar such a translator from our translation community without further considerations.
The mere knowledge of a language is not sufficient to become a translator. However, if you have the necessary credentials supporting your language expertise, you are welcome to become a part of our renowned translation community.
The dashboard in the Control Panel is you one stop find it all spot. If it is not there or when you are experiencing any issues, contact the friendly staff at support@60minutestranslations.com
The calculation of the earnings is subject to several factors.
  • The language groups (insert link to price page)
  • Standard translation
  • Expert translation
  • Word count
Exclusive language groups
Standard translation = $0.099 per word
Expert Translation = $0.126 per word
Classic language groups
Standard translation = $0.049 cents per word
Expert translation = $0.083 cents per word
We always look out for means to expand our services to our clients. Depending on the demand we receive from the clients, we will consider adding additional languages. Please provide us with more details, and we will do our utmost best to add it to our supported languages.
We have built relationships and reputation among our clients by providing them with the fastest, best quality translations around the clock. Our expectation for our translators is to maintain this reputation by delivering their translation projects within the time indication.
The projects notifications you receive indicate the time available to complete the project. We allow roughly 60 minutes to 200 words requiring translation in a particular document. Our translators commit themselves to 8-10 hour working days.
Should it happen that you do not complete the project within the allowed time you can request an extension from the client, alternatively, the project will close down, and the allocation will fall on another translator.
Yes, our translators do have access to the Translation Memory Cloud, and can access it from any location. We keep the translation memories updated by updating it after every completed translation project for a particular client. This way we can warrant that our clients receive high quality, language consistency in all their ongoing translation projects.
It is possible that the project will be made available to other translators to complete. This approach assists us with the means to safeguard our clients against fraudulent and mediocre translators. When you and the client cannot reach a point of resolution in the translation dispute, you are welcome to contact us for support. We will launch an investigation into the roots of the dispute and provide the most appropriate solution.
When we sat down and discussed the rates we charge our clients and pay our translators, we strived to find the best solution for both parties. You are by no means allow to negotiate any additional payments with the client.
Instead of increasing the price we charge our clients, resulting being less market competitive, we investigate pastures to provide more benefits to our valued translators. By becoming part of our translation community, we offer you the opportunity to diminish the difficulties of freelance translation. We handle all customer services on your behalf. You no longer need to have concerns about payments, as we pay you even before the client processed payment to our account.
We process payments on the 15th and last day of the month. You need to accumulate a minimum of 2,000 connects; equal to $20, to request withdraws. Once a translation project is complete, and the client is satisfied, we credit the relevant number of connects due to your account. When your account achieves the minimum amount, you can exchange these connects for cash and request the processing of payment.
Our customary payment terms are at the end of the following month. Nonetheless, translators may withdraw funds whenever they have the need to do so. Withdrawals fluctuating from the customary terms will entail an early withdrawal fee, subjected to change without prior notification. Furthermore, you may incur a manual handling fee throughout the conversion process.
When payments occur on the dates stated according to our customary payment terms, no additional handling fee is applicable as it happens as part of the automatic process. The payment option you select on registration may associate fees related to the Institute.
We assign 200 words per minute of audio or video. Therefore, if you receive an audio worth 20 minutes, the total word count is 4,000 words.
When the client selects more than one translator to work on the project, the project manager will allocate a certain portion of the project to you, of which you will receive the payment according to the word count you translated.
No. We need to be in agreement with the client before we commence with the project. It may cause delays in the process, but it is vital, particular if the word count is significantly more than the client calculates.
No. We specialize in translation and localization services, providing the client with opportunities to enter global markets without cultural and language implications.
When the translator accepts the translation project, the client receives an email to indicate the time remaining until he will receive the completed project. The timer runs throughout the translation process on the project page indicating the remaining time to both parties.
In the business environment, language barriers create several hurdles concerning effective written communication. The development of MailConvert provides our clients the bridge to overcome these barriers through the translation of their emails, including the attachments, straight from their inbox.
These translation projects are extremely sensitive leaving no room for error the moment the translator submits the translation the project is complete. Translators are responsible for the accuracy on these projects as there is no proofreading facility available.
Translation API simplifies large volume translation requirements for our clients, as this plug-in service enable the transfer of data from the client’s CMS to our own. At this point translators will commence with the translation project, working in the background.
Once the translation is complete, we upload the information back onto the client’s CMS. As with MailConvert projects, these projects do not leave any room for error and require total accuracy. Once the upload is complete on the client’s system, there is no possibility for revision.
Translators and clients may not mention any private Skype IDs or email details on our platforms, furthermore, once the client and translator commence with a project, the translator has no authorization to provide any private work for the client.
We reserve the right to make any changes to the Terms, obligations, rights, privileges, or introduce new charges for the right to use or continued use of the Service anytime. The Website may determine what they find to be appropriate at the time in providing or not providing such notice. We will either post the changes online or email it to you, depending on the Owner’s discretion. It is your sole responsibility to review information and the terms of usage regularly to acquire timely notice of these changes. We will accept your continued use, after the implementation of these changes as your agreement to the modified changes, irrespective of whether the email or notice was productively received and read or have gone lost during the transmission.
Yes, you may present ideas or comments concerning the Website, containing, but not limited to, suggestions how to enhance the Website or the Services. With the submission of any ideas, you confirm that your admission is complimentary, voluntary, and without limitation. However, your ideas will not place 60 Minutes Translations under any fiduciary or alternative commitments.
Furthermore, these Ideas may not include any confidential or proprietary facts concerning third parties and 60 Minutes Translations are free to utilize these Ideas without any further payment to you and that you have not revealed these Ideas on a non-confidential basis to anyone.
60 Minutes Translations offers feedback as a way through which Users can communicate their opinions publicly and 60 Minutes Translation does censor or monitor these opinions. We do not investigate the remarks submitted by the Users or reliability or accuracy except when a User necessitates us to do so.