Translation Speed

We commonly allow 60 minutes per 200 words for general translation. According to industry standards, a sole translator can translate 2,000 words on a 10-hour working day.
With an extended database of translators connected to us in real time, we can get your project started in the shortest time possible. We set the expectation that they need to act in response promptly, to acquire the job. As they all have the utmost respect for your time, they comprehend the practical periods we devote to our customers in which we promise to deliver all projects.
When you have a large project, we split it among our translators to provide you with a faster delivery time.
The translation process contains several aspects that you should take into account. Subjected to multiple factors, the translation time may vary. These factors such as the source language , the quality of the scan documents, the page count and the complexity of the document are but a few, which may have an influence. If further information, or the constant exchange of information, for example, proper spelling of locale, people, and several more is a requirement to complete the process, it could cause serious delays.

Translation Quality

60 Minutes Translations is a deeply quality oriented company. We focus on completing the work you provide us, with the best possible quality standards. To reassure this, we have to have a very highly qualified level of translators working for us firstly. All our translators are professionals, with adequate training and knowledge, as we understand that translation involves more than the mere knowledge of a certain language.
We do this by having an extremely thorough employment screening procedures, where we hire only the professionals; that are not only fully skilled but also have a considerable amount of translation experience. Our team only allows professionals who are individually tested and only on passing the manual tests and interviews; they may join our panels.
We back the quality we deliver, as well as our certified translators, who have the qualifications to meet worldwide standards. A certification letter will accompany your completed translation, when requested, which will contain, our official corporate letterhead, a declaration of certification and fluency, signed by a company representative. Should you require a certificate once you translation is complete, you are welcome to contact us.
Yes, once the translation project is complete, we ensure the update of the translation memories for future use. This includes terminology, style guides, and glossaries.
A typical translation glossary will include terms such as:
  • ● Corporate brand slogans and names
  • ● Acronyms
  • ● Do-not-translate terms
  • ● Technical terminology
  • ● Clinical terminology
  • ● Text utilized for navigation buttons and menus. These relate to the translation of software and websites.
We make a pledge of exceptional quality to our clients, and to accomplish this, we streamlined our processes. To certify the continuance of top quality on ongoing projects we utilize the same devoted Project managers and translators.
Using a translation glossary improves the language consistency in the translated text and fashions an enhanced user experience with the readers. Consider the long-term benefits; glossaries decrease the occurrences of errors and confusion in the relating translation projects. As we charge you only for the actual words, we translate, maintaining glossaries will reduce the translation expense as we continue to process projects for you.
Merely finding a translator to do your translation is not the quality we consider appropriate for our customers. It is in the selection of the suitable translator from a global pool of translators. We are meticulous in selecting only the best concentrating on quality, which include:
  • ● Grammar
  • ● Spelling
  • ● Text Flow
  • ● Proper use of register
  • ● Subject area expertise
  • ● Research terminology abilities
Our lifeline is the translation quality we provide, as well as our reputation. Our first and utmost concern is delivering our clients projects on time with exceptional quality.
We fiercely believe that the work we deliver will meet your expectations, and the procedure we follow guarantees your satisfaction. Before we process any payments to the translator, you have the opportunity to review the translation you received. Should any reason arise that conclude in less than satisfaction, we will review the translation and adjust it to your requirements without any additional charges. We mark your revision as the highest priority to ensure the fastest turnaround time.
Translators are committed to quality, and their goal is to deliver professional, accurate, translations on all the orders they receive. From time to time, nonetheless, a review is necessary for several reasons.
When you feel the need to have the translation reviewed, you can reply to the email you received, stating the precise details of the corrections you require on the translation. The support representatives will communicate with you to the request by asking you further questions, and keep you updated on your order’s progress.
Causes for reviews include locations, names, or the clarity of the document. The guarantee that you receive a comprehensive translation on the first review utilize the order notes to provide the names, locations, dates, and any other information that may cause clarity issues. These notes will then support the translator to provide you with an adequate translation.
We have been in the trade since 2003, and throughout this period, we have assembled a vast amount of experience. We learned that the only way to deliver the professional service we pride ourselves for was by engaging only the top translators in the industry. We allocate a native speaker expert, which specializes in your particular translation needs to your project. Once the order is complete by the translator, further experts painstakingly, edit and proofread the translation, to validate that the project is according to you submitted requests.
All our translators undergo a severe screening process to confirm their certification and verification before they engage in any translation projects. We typically employ native speaking translators to certify that we can deliver top quality translations.
Our translators have real life experience in their field of expertise, but also the required degrees, certifications, accreditations, or any other required qualifications they may need to perform subject matter translations.
We secure your encounter, from start to end, through our website. With 256-bit SSL encryption. Industry standard accepts this encryption as acceptable for any secure communications. You can transmit your files securely to our service, which perform the encryption process the moment we receive them. Only our authorized translators and administrators have access to the servers.
We never store credit card or any other payment information on our servers. Once we receive your payment information, the servers transmit it securely to the credit card processing company we engage for this purpose.
All our employees are obligated to sign an NDA before they can commence with any projects. All our translators have cleared our demanding due diligence. To protect our customers our translator policy firmly states that the disclosure of any kind, whether implied or otherwise, of any customer information provides the immediate foundations for termination and or probable criminal or civil sanctions.

Payment Methods and Translation Rates

We can process payment on all the major credit cards such as American Express, Discover, Visa, and MasterCard, as well as PayPal. We also provide the option to business clients to pay by invoice. You process the payment when placing your order.
Our price/speed calculator will deliver an instant quote on your computer screen. Insert the word quantity, whether you require expert translation and or additional proofreading, and select from the classic or exclusive language group, and calculator reveals the amount it will cost you in seconds.
Also, you can determine the time it would take one or more translators to complete the project.
Our prices are lower than several translation companies are, however, to accommodate larger translation requirements we believe in compensating our customers for their loyalty, and do offer discounts for these larger projects. Allowed discount rates commence at 15,000 words and increase parallel to the increase in word quantity. For large once off purchase quantities, we provide discounts as well, for further information contact our friendly staff to assist you.
No, we add no additional charges to the amount you need to pay when processing the order. See our pricing for more information concerning our charges.
We have fixed rates, depending on the language combination. We do not charge additional fees for urgent translation, weekend work, or handling. For more information, visit our pricing page or apply for free estimation .
With the utilization of the World Wide Web, we are capable of decreasing translation expenses to make the human translation process more effective. With our approach, we can diminish the operating cost to benefit both the client and translator. With the decrease in our expenses, we have the ability to provide the saving benefit to our clients.
Unfortunately, we do not provide a notarization service, and you may incur additional charges to make use of this service.
To have your translation notarize you can send the completed translation project with our certification to .
It is crucial to remember that as we do not provide this service, the provider may be charging you with an additional expense.
PayPal is globally the most prevalent “middleman service” for online transactions. More than 140 million web users prefer to utilize this service to send and receive payments via this email option. No other party has access to your financial information, providing you with total security. There are no charges involved in sending money, but small amounts are applicable when receiving money.
PayPal provides 100% protection guarantee against any unauthorized payments processed through your account. For any payment processed through your account, you receive a confirming email as the transaction happens. Should you wish to dispute the transaction, PayPal provides you full access to a 24//7 analyst support team, which will resolve the problem on your behalf. For more information on PayPal security
It is always sad to see a potential client go, but yes, you can cancel your order. Reply to the email that you received when completing the order, stating that you wish to cancel the order. When you no longer have the email, you are welcome to contact our 24/7 support or complete the contact form, quoting your order number. We will assist you in cancelling the order, and refund you for the payment you processed. Please note that we need to confirm receiving the payment first before we can process the refund.


60 Minutes Translations is high-quality Translation Company, delivering culturally suitable translations services to leading international companies. The integration of translations, website and software localization, and artwork or design, under one roof our clients utilize our services for one stop convenience and exceptional client service. 60 Minutes Translations, a Royal Canadian Group Company has earned a worldwide reputation in all the years after its founding in Montreal, Canada. Since 2003, 60 Minutes Translations provides clients with the ability to communicate effectively in a vast amount of languages. We employ translators with expertise and knowledge in the required technical industry you need to perform your translation. No matter the nature of the project you need to translate into any languages, 60 Minutes Translations is the ultimate solution for outstanding accuracy and consistent translations.
  • ● We have a proven record of accomplishment for more than a decade of successful operation.
  • ● We can accommodate clients around the world with employees that can communicate
    comprehensively to ensure we meet your requirements, culturally and linguistically.
  • ● Expert level user of Translation Memory Cloud .
  • ● Adopts internet based workflow management solution for and order submission.
When using a freelancer translator, you may dig yourself a pit hole. Though several freelancers are professional, it is hard to verify their credentials, which may cause an embarrassing translation when you purely accept it as accurate.
The services of a professional translation company will provide you with benefits you should consider before making the selection of the appropriate translator.
Professional services provide you with the following:
  • ● Assurance of appropriate qualifications of expertise.
  • ● Top standard translation quality.
  • ● Total satisfaction.
  • ● Motivated translators to deliver outstanding results.
  • ● No delays in translation projects.
  • ● Countdown timers to keep you informed regarding the completion time.
  • ● Limited expenses as we can restrict our overheads to minimum.
With a vast community of translators globally, our translation network can provide this service in more than 75 languages. Our translation community contains more than 12,000 in-country, native speaking translators, with the credentials in the language they translate. For more details, visit our supported language page.
The translation process is forthcoming and easy.
Insert the information requested in the translation wizard. This includes the selection of the source language, as well as the target languages, uploading the file or inserting the text you wish to translate, and the translation type you desire. Now sit back and wait for your mailbox to tell you, “You have mail.”
If you are an existing client, an automatic deduction of the words will occur from your account. In the scenario of being a new client, you will receive the request to register , as well as your payment details. Once the translation commences, you will receive a notification, which will include the expected time if translation.
The rule of thumb states that the translation project will characteristically commence within 60 business minutes in the translators residing country. As 60 Minutes Translations engage native speaking translators of the target language, the majority of our translators reside in the region where they employ the particular language.
Unfortunately, we have no control over time zones. Therefore, there may occur slight delays on weekends, and nightfall relating to the particular target regions.
Incorrect word counts and the submission of expert translation projects as standard translations projects may well cause serious delays.
Asian languages consist of characters; every 1.2 characters equal one word. To calculate the total word count, you need to determine the total characters and divide it by 1.2. For example, 200 symbols will equal 167 words. For common Microsoft files, you can automatically determine the word count. Mixed text may require that you count the words manually, as do scanned documents. If you require assistance to determine the word count is on such documents, you can send a request to .
To avoid delays in the translation of your project, it is crucial that the word count is accurate. Our translators have to predetermine and confirm the document’s word count before they commence with the project.

Translation Services

You can either enter the source requiring translation as text or upload a file containing the content. To provide you with a small glimpse:
  • ● Mobile platform - XML, RRC, Windows and Apple strings.
  • ● Software – Java, YML, PO, POT, Adobe.
  • ● Documents – HTM, DOCX, XLSX, CSV, ODT, OTT.
  • ● Image files – TIFF, BMP, GIF, JPG.
  • ● Additional formats – SVB, SRT.
These are just a limited example; there are many more. Visit our supported file formats, should you require something different, please do not pause to contact us for more information.
We appreciate language in any format, as well as the fact that a document consists through not only a compilation of words and phrases but also a certain meaning and message, which the reader should receive in the intended context. We recognize that certain documentation necessitates explicit industry knowledge and terminology. To confirm that all aspects of the translated documentation are accurate, the translator needs to be a professional in the associated field.
To accomplish the translation within the context, we only employ skilled and knowledgeable professionals with the necessary backgrounds to provide you with appropriately translated documentation in four major categories.:
  • ● Business and Legal Translation – Includes legal, business or financial expert translators.
  • ● High Tech Translation – Includes the localization of software, applications, websites, videos,
    technical materials, and manuals. To enhance our translators’ abilities, we utilize
    supreme technologies and experience.
  • ● Scientific and Technical Translation – Includes and technical and scientific translations, and
    our translators require a degree in their area of expertise to manage these translation projects.
  • ● Marketing Translation – Includes the translation and adjustment to cultural expectations of
    marketing material.
These are just a limited example; there are many more. Visit our supported file formats, should you require something different, please do not pause to contact us for more information.
Translation + Proofreading option is the most prevalent translation option chosen by our business clients. In this process, you engage two translators in you translation project. When you receive the completed project from the initial translator, you have the opportunity to send it to another to proofread the project on your behalf, to certify accuracy. To obtain more details on the costs involved in your translation project, visit our Pricing Page .
Translate involves the mere professional, standard translation process. Though all our translators are professionals, they remain human, and therefore, blunders are possible. We do recommend proofreading as an option. For more information on the translation service we provide, please feel free to visit our Services .
Expert translation related to translating documents from expert industries such as automotive, medical, and scientific or alternative dedicated material and documentation. When submitting a translation project, it is crucial to indicate whether you require standard or expert translation. Our standard translators are capable; however, they may not have the precise expertise to cover your translation project. You can visit our field of experience page to obtain more information.
We understand the restriction of time in the rapid paste businesses perform today. Therefore, we made provision to deliver the fastest service possible, no matter how small or large the project.
As we have a vast community of translators, we have the ability to divide your project among our subject matter translators relevant to your translation requirements. Each language pair can accommodate several translators allowing them to work on your project simultaneously.
While developing translation services we reviewed which communications provide hurdles in the business environment. Understanding written communiqué provides the utmost complications, and we decided to support every manager in understanding the messages received in his or her inbox by translating it directly from the particular inbox to the individual’s preferred language. MailConvert enables the user with a few easy steps to have the received message and any attachments converted to the native language employed by the receiver while the sender utilizes the language (s)he is comfortable using.
We have friendly staff in our support team; you are welcome to contact them with any questions we have not addressed here.