Delivering your main marketing message to the international market

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A marketing slogan may work effectively in one region, but not necessarily in another.

Using direct translation, the intended message may vanish.

Build a relation with a professional, translation service provider to certify that your intentional message has the similar attraction for the international market as it has close to home.

Global Marketing Strategy

Even a carefully designed promotional message can effortlessly turn into a marketing and public relations catastrophe when there is no meticulous deliberation on all cross-culture communication and legal matters.

60 Minutes Translations have the expertise to change the destination of your next international marketing campaign as we have the capacity to translate all your advertising and marketing material to reach any target area.

Our professional team can empower you to communicate the benefits of your services and products truthfully by cooperating with our expert team of translators absorbed in both the culture where the message originate, but also the destination culture.

Why choose 60 Minutes Translation for your marketing translation?

Localized marketing and advertising in no longer a luxury for companies to consider when designing their international promotional campaigns, it became an obligation; causing an intensification in the challenge to find expert marketing localization services.

Our motto at 60 Minutes Translation is that all translation services provided to our clients should have outstanding, professional results, removing the hassle from the translation and localization process.

This belief includes online marketing localization, empowering out clients to obtain maximum exposure to the audience awaiting their services and products.