Industry expertise

60 MINUTES TRANSLATIONS certify the best quality translations by employing translators, who are experts in their field of translation. All our translators are professionals, with adequate training and knowledge, as we understand that translation involves more than the mere knowledge of a certain language.

We appreciate language in any format, as well as the fact that a document consists through not only a compilation of words and phrases but also a certain meaning and message, which the reader should receive in the intended context. We recognize that certain documentation necessitates explicit industry knowledge and terminology. To confirm that all aspects of the translated documentation are accurate, the translator needs to be a professional in the associated field.

To accomplish the translation within the context, we only employ skilled and knowledgeable professionals with the necessary backgrounds to provide you with appropriately translated documentation in four major categories.

Business and Legal Translation – Includes legal, business or financial expert translators

High Tech Translation – Includes the localization of software, applications, websites, videos, technical materials, and manuals. To enhance our translators’ abilities, we utilize supreme technologies and experience.

Scientific and Technical Translation – Includes and technical and scientific translations, and our translators require a degree in their area of expertise to manage these translation projects

Marketing Translation – Includes the translation and adjustment to cultural expectations of marketing material.

Privacy and Confidentiality

It is compulsory at 60 Minutes Translations for our professional translators to sign an NDA, which covers our clients, subjected to our T & A. When a client necessitate an explicit customer provided NDA, our legal department will assess the terms required prior to the agreement.

Translation Accuracy Certificates

When we receive the request from a client to certify the accuracy of a translation done by our professionals, it is possible for us to provide it. These certificates are valid and accepted by embassies, immigration, government agencies, U.S. Courts, and several other official companies. We do not process notarized translation and the client need to employ a public notary separately.

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