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60 Minutes Translations is a deeply quality oriented company. We focus on completing the work you provide us, with the best possible quality standards. To reassure this, we have to have a very highly qualified level of translators working for us firstly.

We do this by having an extremely thorough employment screening procedures, where we hire only the professionals; that are not only fully skilled but also have a considerable amount of translation experience. Our team individually tests each professional and only on passing the manual tests and interviews is allowed to sit on our panels.

Furthermore, we have regularly scheduled training programs for our translators to ensure they have updated abilities. 60 Minutes Translations has a guiding principle of monitoring each and every one of the projects assigned to us by you, right until the completion the task. We do not compromise on the quality of our services.

Quality Checks and Balances

60 Minutes Translations runs on a perfect integration of people and technology, allowing us to give you an excellent finished product. We have an exclusive patented ‘Real Time Review’ system that assists us not only to point out potential errors but often getting to them even before they occur.

Our workers rely on and operate together but at several different layers, creating a result that has the best quality even before it reaches our final reviewers. The reviewers are our most accomplished and knowledgeable professionals, who go through the final product, in detail, before being finally approved and sent out to you.

We offer the best value for money in the translation market, and that motivates us to have these set unmatchable quality standards. We at 60 Minutes Translations leave absolutely nothing to chance when being confident and sure that our clients receive a memorable service compelling them not hesitate to entrust us with more work.

Additional Proof-reading Services

If looked at in detail, quality can always be met through proof-reading. We know the value of this responsibility and know that how it can radically affect the outcome. The importance of a properly proofread piece of work can make the difference between a superior or an inferior product or service.

We proof-read all our customers’ assignments, looking for any minor error that might have passed the sights of our translators. Our reviewers look for mistakes in spellings, vocabulary and grammar of the translated languages. We also offer you the chance of having an additional proof-reading of your translated document. This can be purchased at a cost, as you very well know; there is no price for perfection, especially when you have to deliver a vital service.

Although always working at our very finest levels to ensure quality, we still recommend clients submitting works on printing materials, websites, applications and marketing contents, to have an additional proof-reading carried out by us.


Our exclusive services include:


Translation services are our fundamental function. The scope of the project provides no problem as we have the personnel, expertise, and resources necessary to deliver efficient and accurate results. The word for word translation is an inadequate approach to translation since the word provided in a specific language frequently involves more meanings. Furthermore, a comparable meaning may frequently be embodied in a given language by several words. Our expert team has the language experience to translate your documentation with professional results.

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Proofreading is no extravagance when it comes to a translated document as the image of any company unswervingly reflects through the message communicated on its website, mailings, or alternative communication confronting the consumer. The message revealed by a company requires buoyancy, whether it includes translation or not. Our Expert proof-readers make use of extensive language experience to warrant that the results are errorless.

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We all know that knowledge is power; however, the power of the text is imperative. To capture the spoken language into written symbols is not a forthright process as it might appear at first glance. Familiarity with social cultures is a direct influence when processing a transcript and translators incorporate it into the texture of the transcript.

Our transcription services contain a vast community of transcription experts that will provide you with professional results according to your requirements. There is no limitation associated with our service, you provide the files, and we deliver rapid and trustworthy results.

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To align certified company materials to harmonize with diverse cultures and languages consumes time. Our Multilingual Desktop Publishing Services adjust the design, layout, and style to accommodate transcontinental markets.

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Frequently a translation endeavour requires more services than translation. Optimizing your translation requires localization to conform to the local language, conventions, and culture. We provide you the opportunity with our service, to have a product or service that has a specifically generated feel and look designed for your particular target market.

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We comprehend the significance of context. In the process of website translation, it is vital to consider the native languages, principles, and cultures. The Website Localization services we provide support to your website to converse with an extensive assortment of cultures and at the same time respect their ethnic and social customs.

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The translation of marketing materials necessitates the comprehension of the content, native market and target audience to transfer the message truthfully and effectively. Our professional marketing translators are located locally enabling them to adapt the marketing material to correspond to the regional market, as well as the target sector requirements.

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App localization services have the ability to translate your App accurately, providing you with the freedom to relax and concentrate on creating the enhance features, experiences, or next App. With the support of our service, you can convert your App to be globally ready.

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Utilizing this software translation and localization service will permit you to exploit global markets, which were previously inaccessible while communicating effectively in the relevant market languages.

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Video Translation

To upkeep video clips in diverse languages, provide complications, a fact that we grasp completely. With our service, we provide you with the ability to translate any subtitles on your video project.

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