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With vast experience in patent translation and the management of local and global phase filings, 60 Minutes Translations, receives acknowledgement for our unmatched turnaround times and unequalled expertise in providing patent translation in almost every language possible. With stern quality controls and processes, we certify that all patent translations meets the required specifications.

As a competitive leader in legal translation, 60 Minutes Translations comprehends that patent translations requisites more than an acquaintance with a specific language. We have streamlined our approach to patent translation in such a manner that each project is taken care of by a professional linguist with real life experience and expertise in the given discipline. Read More ....

Technical documents we translate:

  • Data Sheets
  • Internationalization
  • Manuals and User Guides
  • Manufacturing Standards
  • Packaging and Labels
  • Patents
  • Regulatory Documents
  • RFQ and RFP
  • Software Localization (L10n)
  • Technical Documentation
  • Testimonials
  • Tests
  • Training Materials

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The attention to detail and the prominence of customer satisfaction are key characteristics of the employees from 60 Minutes Translations. Their rates are reasonable and the delivery time is incredible

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Privacy and Confidentiality

Without any exception, all our translators in our community signs a compulsory NDA before becoming part of the 60 Minutes Translations network. Our clients enjoy an all embracive cover by our terms and contract.

Particular companies require a customer specific NDA. Once our legal department and the client come to agreement, we have no objection to consent to the NDA agreed upon.

Certificate of Translation Accuracy

When required our translators can add the statement confirming that the translation is accurate, correct, and true “to the best of his knowledge and ability.” The certification is a legal formality as all our translators will deliver translations that are accurate to the best of their knowledge and belief.

Please note that our services do not include notary. When a client require this service, he needs to engage the services of a public notary.

Certification requires an additional charge, which is available on request.

60 Minutes Translations provides their clients with fast, reliable translation services around the clock at competitive pricing. Our expert translation team will provide you with professional translations, delivering exclusive results. You submit your translation project, and we start with it almost immediately. Within the shortest time possible, you will receive your project back in your inbox.

60 Minutes Translations endorse quality by employing accomplished and knowledgeable professionals, supreme technologies, and processes on multiple layers.

We provide the best value for money in the translation market, which serves as motive to set an unmatchable set of quality standards

We have a strict policy that no additional charges will inconvenience our clients. Therefore, we engage a fixed price on all our translation projects, with no exceptions. We believe that the customer comes first, and your translation projects should be professionally affordable. Transparency is our key objective, and you will not incur any additional hidden charges when you receive the invoice

Available languages include French, German, Spanish and many more

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