Privacy Policy

60 Minutes Translations offers this Privacy Policy to provide you with the information concerning the collection, disclosure, and use of information through – the Website. As well as any further websites, applications, features, online services, or widgets, which 60 Minutes Translations control or own and, which post links to this Privacy Policy, collectively the Service. Also, any information which 60 Minutes Translations gathers offline regarding the Service. Users should take note that we pool the information we gather from them from any of these Websites, generally through the Service, or offline.

Through accessing or using the Service, you agree to the information disclosure, collection, and use practices as described in this Privacy Policy. It is important to take note that some features or services noted in this Privacy Policy may not be available on the Service the entire time. Please review our Service Agreement that governs your use of the Service.

1. Information Collection

Users of the Service may be Clients or Translators. Clients, being anyone utilizing the 60 Minutes Translations platform that wishes to employ the service of a freelance translator. Translators, being any individual user, company, or groups, that utilize the platform with the desire to provide services to Clients. Translators may also function as a Team, a legally identified entity with the capability to hire and or contract with other Translators.

Information obtained from third-parties –
We may obtain information concerning yourself from third-parties. For instance, we may increase the information we gather using outside records or third-parties may deliver information regarding co-marketing agreement or as per your request, like when you select to sign in with a third-party service such as Facebook. When we pool the information, we obtain from third parties, with the information we gather through the Service, we will treat the pooled information as described in this Privacy Policy.

Information we obtain from you –

  • Personal information: While using the Service, as a Client or Translator, we might necessitate or gather information, which recognizes you as a particular individual that we can use to contact or identify you. The personal information contains phone numbers, names, postal address, and email details.
  • Payment Information: When you utilize the Service to receive or make payment we will collect particular payment information, like PayPal, payment card or alternative financial account statistics, as well as billing address
  • Non-Identifying Information or User Names: We may also collect other information, like demographic information, zip codes, information regarding your use of the Service, as well as general project related statistics. We may combine information gathered from 60 Minutes Translations non-registered and registered users. We contemplate Usernames as Non-Identifying Information. The Service makes Usernames public, which is viewable by other 60 Minutes Translations Users
  • Identity Verification: We may gather Personal Information, like your taxpayer identification number, or date of birth, to authenticate your identity or as required by law like the completion of tax filings. We may ask for documents to validate this information like a copy of your government-issued ID, a billing statement, a photo, or all of the documentation mentioned.
  • General Audience Service: We intend the Service to apply to the general audience of 18 and older. Knowledgeably we do not gather information from individuals that are younger than age 18. When we become mindful that an individual younger than 18 provided us with Personal Information, we utilize commercially reasonable exertions to delete and remove such information from our files. When you are the legal guardian or parent of an individual younger than age 18, suspecting that 60 Minutes Translations gathered any Personal Information from the youngster, please contact our Support Desk for assistance.
  • Amalgamation of Non-Identifying and Personal Information: We consider particular Non-Identifying Information as part of your Personal Information when combined with further identifiers in such a way that it enables you to be recognized, for instance, combining your name with the particular information. However, simultaneously this information carries the label of Non-Identifying Information when considered lone standing or in combination with more Non-Identifying Information, such as your viewing preferences. We may amalgamate your Personal and Non-Identifying information. Nonetheless, 60 Minutes Translations will handle the amalgamated information as Personal Information.

Information gathered from Users Automatically –
We, as well as any of our third-party service providers, containing analytics, along with third-party content providers, may automatically gather information from you every time you interact with or access the Service. This information may contain, in addition to other information, the URL, or advertisement that redirected you to the Service, the browser and operating system you use, the search terms that led you to the Service, zones within the Service, which you visited, and any other information frequently shared when the browsers and websites communicate with each other. We may amalgamate this spontaneously gathered log information with other information we gather concerning you. The purpose is to enhance the services we provide to you, to develop analytics, site functionality, and marketing.

The information we gather correspondingly contains any unique device identifiers or Internet Protocols (IPs) for any device utilized to gain access to the Service. The Device Identifier is the number automatically connected or assigned to the device you use. Certain mobile service providers may similarly provide any of our third-party providers or us with information concerning the physical location of the device accessing the Service.

Technologies engaged in gathering information spontaneously from 60 Minutes Translations Users might embrace the following: –

  • Cookies: similar to several other web sites, the Service, its marketing partners, analytics, affiliates, and service providers utilize “cookies” to gather information. A cookie is an insignificant data file transferred to your computer’s hard disk with the purpose to keep records. We utilize persistent as well as session ID cookies. Persistent cookies remain on the device to save you login details to the Service and to confirm your compliance with any applicable 60 Minutes Translations Policies. Session ID cookies expire at when your browsing session is complete. The purpose is, for example, the gain a better understanding of the interaction of 60 Minutes Translations Users, to enable particular features of the Service, and to monitor the collective usage of web traffic routing on the Service and 60 Minutes Translations Users.

    Third-parties may add “cookies” to your web browser. Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers, which transfers to your computer’s hard drive by means of your web browser to qualify its system to identify your browser. The cookies are identifying, persistent cookies, which recall your information and connect your activities to you.

    These third-party companies, websites, and promoters, or marketing companies working on their behalf, may at times utilize technology to deliver the marketing materials, which appear on our website directly to your browser. They automatically attain your IP address when this is the scenario. Furthermore, they may make use of JavaScript, cookies, web beacons, action tags, single-pixel gifs, or other technologies to determine the effectiveness of their marketing strategy, and to optimize or personalize the marketing content.

    Unless when explicitly stated 60 Minutes Translations Website or our affiliates do not have control over or access to these technologies or cookies, and the information practices of these promoters and third-party companies and websites are covered by their separate privacy policies, not by ours. We assume no responsibility for any Content of these websites and renounce liability for any form of loss and or damage ascending from the use of them. The addition of a link to anther website on the 60 Minutes Translations Website does not indicate or imply any validations of the sites themselves and or those in control of them. Certain third-party advertisers, however, not all, provide a procedure to opt-out of their technology. To obtain more information and the identification of advertisers, which provide an opt-out procedure you can visit

    You can take certain measures to warn of, disable, or block cookies, when you do, however, the website may not operate and display according to its initial design. Nevertheless, when you want to take these measures, you can do so explore the instructions connected to your browser.
  • Web Beacons: We, our marketing partners, analytics, affiliates, and service providers may engage software technology acknowledged as “tracking tabs” or “web beacons” to support us in what content on our Websites is efficient and to serve the appropriate marketing to you. It is small graphics containing a unique identifier, which may be invisible to the User that tracks the online activity of Internet Users. They are inserted in the emails you receive, as well as the websites and web pages you study. The purposes of these web beacons include, without limitations, to monitor how 60 Minutes Translations Users navigate the Service, to count the visitors to the 60 Minutes Translations Website, to record how many times particular links or articles were viewed, or how many emails send were opened.
  • Embedded Script: It is embedded programming codes with the design to gather information concerning your interactions with the Service like the links you click on. As the code temporarily downloads onto your device, it deactivates once you disconnect from the Service.
  • Furthermore, we may utilize a variability of other technologies, which gathers information likewise for security and fraud exposure and we may use third party services to gather the information.

How We Respond To Do Not Track Signals –
It is noteworthy to take into account that your browser may permit you to transmit a “DO NOT TRACK” signal automatically to the websites and online services you may visit. There is no agreement among the industry participants what the meaning of “NO NOT TRACK” is specifically in this context. Similar to several other websites and online services, 60 Minutes Translations does not modify its practices when it takes delivery of a “DO NOT TRACK” signal from a visitor’s browser. can provide more details on “DO NOT TRACK.”

User Profiles
You have the chance to create a User Profile that involves information concerning you and may contain Personal Information, examples of your work, photographs, information regarding work previously done through the Service, as well as outside the Service, feedback rating information. This information may be visible to all 60 minutes Translations Users and the public depending on the privacy settings you make within you 60 Minutes Translations Profile. When in any scenario you believe that, someone created an unauthorized profile about you, you may request that we remove such profile by contacting our Support.

60 Minutes Translations display personal testimonials of pleased clients on the Website additional to other commendations. With your agreement, we can post your testimonials including your name. When you desire to update or delete your testimonial, you may contact the Support Center for assistance

Work Listings via the Service
When you select to post a work listing through the Service as a Client, the information will be publically accessible. Work listings can contain, but are not limited to, location, previous work listings, names of Translators that previously worked with the Client, Client feedback, and ratings, as well as the timing of project performance.

We gather feedback from 60 Minutes Translations Users concerning their experience with other Users using our Service. It is crucial to note that any feedback provided by you or about you are publically accessible through the Service. It is seldom that we will consider removing feedback, and it is subjective to our Feedback Removal Policy.

2. Use and Retention of Information

We utilize the information we gather:

  • To provide and enhance the Service, finalize your transactions, and find resolutions for any inquiries, handle your registration, validate that the information we receive from Users are valid, as well as compliance and in-house business purposes
  • To contact Users with any necessary administrative communications and 60 Minutes Translations newsletters, advertising on marketing materials, which may include material from 60 Minutes Translations or third-parties, and additional information, which may be of interest to you. When you come to a decision at any time that you no longer desire to receive these communications from us, you may opt-out with the assistance of our Support team
  • To adapt the information we display to you and any offers we may introduce to you, both on the Service or from third-parties.
  • To manage and develop the business relationship between the Users and us
  • To evaluate your application to perform a translation project for 60 Minutes Translations and formulate the relevant governmental and in- house statistic reports
  • For reasons revealed at the time, you submit your information, with your agreement, and as further outlined in this Privacy Policy.

Except when specifically requested that we delete particular information, refer to modifying your information or closing your account, we archive the content we gather for a minimum period of 5 years and may keep the information for any period, as we require to do for business and or legal reasons.

3. Information Sharing and Admission

  • Information concerning Translators shared with Clients and Agencies: we share the information relating to the Translators working on the Client’s project, containing any information in Work Diaries and work history, with the relevant Clients. In the scenario where a Translator is under suspension, we may share the relating information with Clients with whom the Translator worked with or applied for work. Further, we may share relevant information with Agencies to whom the Translators are associated with specific work projects. When you choose to apply for a translation project through the Service, we may share the information relevant to your application with the related Client or Clients, counting, but with no limitation to any information included in your Translator Profile.
  • Service providers: we may engage third-party companies, as well as individuals to simplify our Service, to offer the Service on our behalf, to implement Service-related services like fraud detection, enhancement of our Service Features, or payments, or to support us in analyzing the use of our Service. These parties may gain access to your Personal information to execute these tasks on our behalf.
  • You provide consent to receive and share information with third-parties: you may receive an invite to receive information, as well as marketing materials from third-parties. When you provide consent that we may share your Personal Information with the relevant party, we will disclose your information, and your information is then subjective to the party’s Privacy Policy. We accept no responsibility for the privacy practices and policies of third-parties. Should you elect that you no longer want to receive information from such party, you need to contact them directly.
  • Investigative and Legal purposes: 60 Minutes Translations will share information with government agencies as necessary by law, counting without limitation to, reporting earnings. We join forces with law enforcement and government officials, as well as private parties, to enforce and comply with law regulations. We will reveal information concerning yourself to law enforcement or government officials as we, in our sole judgment, believe necessary or suitable to respond to legal process or claim, at the request of government authorities or other parties conducting investigations, to protect the properties and rights of 60 Minutes Translation. Further, we will disclose your information to the same parties if we deem that it would contribute to the safety of the public or any individual, or to put a stop to activities we collaborate to be or pose a risk to be, fraudulent, illegal, unethical, and legally actionable activity. In addition, we may engage Device identifiers to recognize 60 Minutes Translations Users, and may accomplish this with the corporation of third-parties, using our sole judgment.
  • Internal and Business Transfers: 60 Minutes Translations may share information, counting Personal Information, with subsidiaries, and affiliates, mainly for operational and business reasons. We may transfer, share, or sell some or all of our assets, counting your Personal Information, in the scenario of a merger, reorganization, acquisition, or sale of assets, or in the event of bankruptcy. You will take delivery of notification through email and or a protruding notice on our website regarding any modifications in ownership or uses concerning your Personal Information, including any choices you may have in connection with your Personal Information under these circumstances.

4. Ad Servers, Third-party Analytics Providers, and Similar Third-parties

60 Minutes Translations engages or may in the future engage ad agencies, network advertiser, and analytics service providers to assist us with information concerning traffic on the Service. These parties provide information such as, but not limited to, pages viewed, the actions are taken when visiting the Service, to serve our promotions on other websites online mobile apps. Furthermore, they provide us with information relating to the use of the Service and value of our marketing efforts. Our service providers may gather particular information concerning your visits to and the activity on the Service and other websites or services. They may well set and access their tracking methodologies on your devices, like cookies and web beacons, and may utilize the gathered information to make targeted promotions available to you. Some of these parties may gather Personal Information when you visit the Service or alternative websites and services.

Whereas we may use a diversity of service providers to execute promotional services, some of these companies are Members of NAI – the National Advertising Initiative, or DAA – Digital Advertising Alliance Self-Regulatory Program regarding Online Behavioral Advertising. You may consider visiting, which offers information concerning targeted advertising and the relevant Opt-Out procedures of NAI members. Else, a visit to will shed light on targeted promotions and provides Opt-Out procedures for companies participating in the DAA Self-Regulatory Program. It is important to take into account that opting out through these tools does not opt you out of receiving advertising, and you will continuously receive generic promotions while and when online.

5. Your Selections and Opting Out

All registered 60 Minutes Translation Users may update their selections concerning the kinds of communications they receive from us via their online accounts. Nevertheless, we maintain the right to send you particular communications relevant to your account or the use of the Service through email and alternative means. If you select not to receive emails, this portion of the Service will experience no effect from your Opt-Out selections

6. Changing Your Information or Closing Your Account

It is the Users of 60 Minutes Translations sole responsibility to maintain the accuracy of the information we receive from them by updating any changes online. If you deactivate or close your account, you will have no access to the Service. If you want us to remove your account from our system, you may send a request to the Support team, and we will use commercially reasonable effort to honor your request. Nonetheless, particular information will actively remain on the Service even when your account no longer exists. Furthermore, all Personal Information may well stay in our archives for administrative purposes. It is not always possible to remove or delete all the information completely from our database. Typically, we will not delete any information you submitted publically on or through the Service. Take into consideration that neither yourself nor we are capable of deleting all the copies of information previously shared with other users on the Service.

7. Security

60 Minutes Translations employs a commercially reasonable procedure to support the protection and security of the information it gathers and stores concerning 60 Minutes Translations Users. All admissions to the Website are encrypted utilizing TLS, industry-standard layer security technology. Once you enter sensitive information, we encrypt the transmission of that particular information utilizing SSL, secure socket layer technology. Furthermore, we utilize HTTP strict transport security as an additional layer of protection to enhance the experience for our 60 Minutes Translations Users. However, it is crucial to remember that no technique of transmission over the internet, or approach to electronic storage, is completely secure. Hence, while it is our mission to safeguard your personal information, 60 Minutes Translation cannot guarantee or warrant the security of any info you transmit to us.

8. International Transfers of Personal Information

60 Minutes Translations is a German States company. If you are located outside Germany and opt to provide any information to us, 60 Minutes Translations transfers your Personal Information to Germany to process. Germany may not have similar data protections laws as the country from where you originally provided the information. When 60 Minutes Translations transfer your information to Germany, we will protect your information as outlined in this Privacy Policy. By proving 60 Minutes Translation with any information or visiting the Service, you fully comprehend and unambiguously agree to this transfer, storage and processing of your information in Germany.

9. Links to Additional Sites

Our Service may enclose links to other sites. When you choose to click on the provided links, you will gain access to the third-party’s website. Though we may link to a website, it is no indication that we endorse, authorize, or represent any affiliation to such website or third-party. Furthermore, it contains no endorsement of their information security or privacy practices or policies. We have no control over third-party websites. We urge you to examine the privacy policies of other websites you may visit as they may well place their cookies or alternative files on your devices.

10. Phishing

Phishing websites impersonate authentic website to acquire personal or financial information. Currently, identity theft and phishing practices are of great distress to 60 Minutes Translations. A visit to will provide more information regarding phishing. Furthermore, when you think you received or had a likewise interaction with a third-party, which pretends to be 60 Minutes Translations, please report it to Support.

11. Changes to this Policy

60 Minutes Translations may bring this Privacy Policy up to date at any time, and any alterations will be effective upon posting. When there are substantial modifications to the method we treat your Personal Information, we will exhibit a notice through the Services before the change becomes effective. We may also advise you by email, at our discretion. Nonetheless, we will employ your Personal Information in a manner constant with the Privacy Policy in effect at the time you offered the information except when you agree to the new or revised policy.

12. Contacting Us

If you have any request for information regarding this Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at or by mail addressed to Attn: Barbarastr. 22 b, 44651 Herne, Germany