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Software Translation

60 Minutes Translations operates with your software development team to accomplish the prime goals connected with software internationalization, translation, and localization, as well as globalization, which includes the following:

  • Succeeding in having a complete operating and tested product, which has the capability to manage several languages.
  • Developing a trained team that has the skills to manage all updates or modifications in several languages
  • Generating a platform, which will permit the introduction of further markets at minimum financial outlays
  • Producing procedures and processes, which will in due course enhance consumer functionality and gratification while increasing sales revenues.

At 60 Minutes Translations, we comprehend the particular nuances of and skills entangled with the modifications to software programs into a compound language product. This process includes the localization and translation of the following:

  • Cultural-Related Content and End User Customs
  • Help Screens, Instructions, Menus, Shortcut Keys
  • Legal and Information Security Disclaimers
  • License Agreements
  • Marketing Material and Packaging Content
  • Software Manuals
  • Software/ User Interface Code
  • Warranty Agreements

Software Internationalization

We provide the experience and resources required to improve your software program to international level via our all-inclusive Internationalization service. It involves developing a new product or making modifications to an existing product to facilitate the said product to be utilized in several languages and sold in a variety of countries. Using special coding to allow the seamless information management in several languages

Software Localization

Separating the source text from the source code is one of the major challenges in software internationalization. Both hidden and visible text, which needs to be localized or translated, must be separated in a manner, which preserves the code’s integrity. Software translation has the potential to expose your product to a much larger target market, increasing your revenues substantially. To accomplish this, it is crucial that the translation of all consumer interface text and documentation happen with the use of precise technical language and jargon.

Software Globalization

In the perfect development scenario globalization of the software should be part of the typical development cycle. When considered in the development phase, developers will write the primary code in such a manner, which will allow for effective management of several languages. Simultaneously it will include the abilities to track, edit, and add new text.

We function as a partner in your software translations, taking into accounts all the aspects of your translation requirements to minimize time and expenses. We will provide you with the understanding of the particular markets you want to access. It includes the local language obligations to the particular marketing translation tones. Confidentiality and security concerns are high on our priority list. To ensure that all translations remain confidential our translators need to sign an obligated confidentiality and nondisclosure agreement.

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