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Quick Facts

Translation commences
within a single business
hour in the country where
the translator is located

Our human translators
have shown conversions of
300/hour, 2700 words per

We divide the translation
project among subject
expert translators to
ensure fast delivery

We respect your time,
never before has the
countdown timer
defeated us

The Fastest Translation Encounter you will ever experience


1. Skilled Translation Professionals

Skilled translators have been seen to clock considerably fast outputs; depending on experience, understanding, and typing abilities.
At 60 Minutes Translations, our professionals have shown, keeping a strict eye on the assignments’ quality, making conversions of languages at over 300 words an hour; up to 2700 words in a day.

2. Time Duration on Translations

As our name suggests, “60 Minutes Translations”, we lay a great emphasis on completing the job done in the shortest period possible.
We use several streamlined approaches to achieve this goal. The lead time and actual delivery time always is the focal point of our efforts.

3. Continuously Updating Our Techniques

We constantly reassess our techniques and working policies to get the job done even faster for you, leaving out nothing to delays.

4. Strategic Translation Methodology

When you assign us a translation task, which most other service providers might take a considerably longer period to complete, we split it up into several strategically working pieces and consign the best-suited translators to complete the task individually.
This in turn assists us to reach any deadline you want us to meet.

5. We Respect YOUR Time

Our research teams are always on the lookout for new and more effective ways to make the translations as a higher pace, just so that there is no chance of embracing old methodologies on the internet that delay your respective businesses.
Therefore, once you give us a job, we can guarantee it, no one can do it faster.

6. Never been Defeated by the Clock

60 Minutes Translations has a unique way of facilitating its clients, by helping them keep track of their works with us by offering the utility of a Countdown Timer.

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