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At 60 Minutes Translations, we employ translators with expertise and knowledge in the requisite technical industry you need to perform your translation. Whether you have a patent application, technical manual, or engineering specifications you need to translate into any languages, 60 Minutes Translations is the ultimate solution for outstanding accuracy and consistent technical translations.

Importance of accurate translations

At 60 Minutes Translations, we recognize how the rapid paste in globalization, fast technological improvements, and limited product life cycles have produced the necessity for manufacturers to briskly and cost-efficiently attain and modernize high-quality localized materials. For leading manufacturers to compete in the global markets with specialized and sophisticated products, they need the support of rapid, reliable, and accurate translations. Our translators are experts in technical translation and will deliver results that are in strict compliance with the expected industry standards.

As a key contributor to your exportation success, the translation of all technical documentation is a crucial aspect. Due to this importance, you need to have the confidence that all technical translations are totally accurate. German technologies cover numerous industries where the highest-quality parts and the lowest cost create competing demands. To service companies globally, it is crucial that your technical documentation can convey specifications, instructions, and other technical details comprehensively. A small error in the translation of technical detail can have hazardous implications.

Subjected to your target market, the language engaged in the translations should be a neutral language to guarantee that technicians, professionals, and end-users from the target country can understand the content. As 60 Minutes Translations reside in Germany, we have the superb capability to provide you with a competitive edge in your technical translation needs. We understand your industry and support your passion for providing you with the ultimate translation solutions.

Translation Process

While we can deliver on your translation requirements in a vast number of languages, we specialize in English-German technical and manufacturing translations completed by top quality teams of English-German translators. Our approach to translating your technical documentation is to delegate the projects to someone with not only the required academic credentials but also the real world experience concerning the particular subject matter. Our designs teams and expert project manager will ensure accurate translation of all content, publishing it in the correct format, on time, every time at reasonable pricing. Our team functions as an extension of your company, allowing you to focus on more important matters like introducing your products to new markets, enhancing productivity and boosting top line revenue.

Deadlines are no challenge to 60 Minutes Translations. With streamlined approaches we specialize in big translation projects, delivering excellent results within your time restraint. To guarantee consistency and accuracy, all our translators enjoy access to translation memories, exclusive dictionaries, as well as terminology. Confidentiality and security concerns are high on our priority list. To ensure that all translations remain confidential our translators need to sign an obligated confidentiality and nondisclosure agreement.

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