Translation Memory Cloud

To employee a complete translation team as an extension of your company, which can provide you with translation services including more than 75 languages and the tools required to process the conversion services we provide you with, can be a hefty investment. Other than providing you with outstanding services and results our goals are to provide you an affordable service that reduces your time consumption in translation endeavours.

For anybody that considers language support as significant, the first step would be to assemble translation memories. These memories refer to formerly translates sentences and or phrases that you frequently use in your communications. The advantage of the compilation of translation memories is the fact that you have no need to pay for these every time to submit documents for translation. Therefore, we arrive at a situation where the time consumption in the translation process reduces drastically at a must lower price than before.

Adding these translation memories to the Cloud provides access to all our professional translators, which, in return, increases the benefits you retrieve as it applies to all your work. The more work we do, the more memories we assemble, which will enhance the language consistency of the communication you deliver to your consumers.

To benefit our client, we engage new technologies constantly to provide them with the fastest and most reliable services feasible. As a result, the engagement of Translation Memory Cloud. Being a Cloud technology, there is no solitary software application associated with Translation Memory Cloud.

Therefore, our team can log into the relevant Translation Memory Cloud anytime, anywhere. In conclusion, we save on extravagant license fees, enabling us to pass the saving down to our consumers. Furthermore, the Cloud service warrant no delay in productivity due to upgrades or various software applications, since it upgrades automatically.

Translations memories free up a vast amount of time in the translation process since the compilation of our written communication contains an astonishing amount of standard phrases. This allows translators to focus on the more compound translation issues that necessitate the logic of the human brain to certify accurate translations. As Translation Cloud Memories eliminate the time exhausted on the basic translations, we are capable of delivering the translation project at an improved time rate.

The Translation Memories assemble as the projects continue, contributing to the decrease in translation conversion time since the Cloud technology converts larger pieces of the translation project. This permit more time to the human translator to focus on the sections of material which are impossible for a machine to translate.

Hence, the reason we can complete the translation of every project you entrust us to convert in less time, at a reduced cost. Using the Translation Memory Cloud, your translation projects become easier every time we process another project on your behalf.


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