At 60 MINUTES TRANSLATIONS, we may utilize technology to process your transcription requirements. However, we employ only expert human transcribers to ensure that we meet your requirements accurately. We provide you with modernized Cloud-based transcription services, which are fast and reliable. Whatever you want to transcribe, our fast growing professional transcription community is growing rapidly to accommodate any language or format. Exploiting their experience and expertise, they will provide you with a text documents in the shortest period conceivable.

The process is simple and almost automatic. Upload your files to the secure server available for this purpose, and we proceed from there. Daily conversations enclose a goldmine of ideas, concepts, and connoisseur details that slips through our minds as we are unable to recall it all. With a simple recording and transcription, it is possible to capture all these important facts for later usage.

Our transcription experts can make sense from any recorded or video format and transform the murky recordings to clear text format. No challenge is too perplex for them as they are equipped to face any task with professionalism to deliver efficient and accurate results without unwanted delays. As with all our employees, they respect your time and are committed to delivering fast and accurate service to our clients.

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Available languages include French, German, Spanish and many more

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