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Business integrity generates enduring client relationships. 60 Minutes Translations continues to provide services to a dedicated list of satisfied clients, whom all became time-honoured clients. Business integrity includes various aspects, from treating your clients business as with the same respect as our own, to managing our services to Translators and Clients with professional appreciation. 60 Minutes Translations continually gain new Clients through forthright, honest business practices and keen business insight.

At 60 Minutes Translations, we comprehend the importance of effective communication, thus, the motivation to provide you with superior quality and professional translation at competitive market prices. To deliver our pledge on quality, we engage only the best translators, which undergo a rigor screening process before we employ their services.

Your translation project is always safe in the capable hands of the most appropriate native translator, qualified in the particular field on translation requirement. After the translation, your document will retain the intended message while it will contain the ease to read in the target language.

We are one of the most renowned translation companies and offer you extensive amounts of expertise and security to translate any document, no matter how sensitive it may be. 60 Minutes Translations translators are locally situated within the countries and the regions they process translations, to warrant that the translated content is accurately suitable and relevant.

You can make a selection from more than 75 languages, including several dialects, as well as more than 2000 language pairs, to ensure that your communiqué are efficient to reach the relevant target audience.

We function as a partner in all your translation projects, taking into account all the aspects of your translation requirements to minimize time and expenses. 60 Minutes Translations will provide you with the understanding of the particular markets you want to access. It includes the local language obligations to the particular marketing translation tones.

To guarantee consistency and accuracy, all 60 Minutes
Translations translators
enjoy access to translation
memories, exclusive dictionaries, as well as terminology.
Confidentiality and security concerns are high on our
priority list. To ensure that all translations remain
confidential our translators need to sign an obligated
confidentiality and nondisclosure agreement.

Available languages include French, German, Spanish and many more

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