Principles that provide guidance in our work

Values – we are convinced that ethical decision-making, as well as mutual respect for all co-workers, is virtuous for all. We consider the values implemented in our company as a priority and expect all our employees to do the same. It offers us guidance in our growth; lay the foundation for customer relations and accelerate outstanding work.

We have trust in fashioning a working culture, which maintains:

the customer comes first. Seeing that, we meet the customer’s requirements throughout the lifespan of the translation endeavour is our prime goal. Supporting our consumers to accomplish global, as well as multicultural achievement is dominant

Localization Smarts
Translation necessitates more than the most expert individuals in a specific industry, simultaneously we cultivate localization smarts. It is the merging of linguistic, technical, and operation brainpower.

Quality and timeliness
as we undertake to deliver the highest work quality in the translation market we also undertake to honour and respect the deadlines set by our consumers.

we are straightforward regarding all the features of the work we do, including our employees, procedures, schedule limitations, and cost drivers. We inform our consumers what the procedures are that we will follow, the progress we make, and work together to achieve common objectives.

we keep to our obligations. We pledge to deliver the best and back the work we deliver completely. When challenges unfold, we deal with them in real-time. All our translators are human. It is crucial to learn from the errors we make, identifying, and correcting them openly, without trying to hide them.

localization and translation are conclusively about people, and we employ only the best, providing working environments where it is achievable.

Great values guide outstanding work


  • Listen and understand
  • Individualistically resolve difficulties
  • To recognize criticism and improve yourself
  • Attention to detail
  • Prioritize
  • To make judgments
  • Self-sufficiently find responses to your questions
  • Connect with diverse individuals
  • To assess the obligatory resources for the completion of the project
  • Evaluate the present situation and visions of the customer
  • To shape a longstanding development plan
  • To complete the project to its reasonable finish
  • Establish tasks and designate them correctly

Becoming a certified translator

To become a certified translator at 60 Minutes Translations, you need to have an updated profile. We necessitate a detailed CV, certificates, including fields of expertise, and your language pairs. Without a recent resume and updated skills listing, your application will not be accepted.

Which individuals can join as translators?

Any individual with the applicable work experience and academic history can apply to become part of our outstanding team. It is imperative to take into account that being a native speaker is not significant when applying for our translation positions. All applicants will undertake an expert translation exam with outrageous passing rates to confirm expertise and qualifications
Please note that since we need to maintain a balance in the company, we may not enlist particular language pairs. Our recruiting requirements are subjective to the needs of our clients.

Machine translations

60 Minutes Translations sternly ban the engagement of any machine translation. We will disqualify any translator that makes an effort to submit machine translated translations for a project without hesitation.

What are the consequences when a client is unsatisfied with the results?

Since we are strict with our employment regulations, this is a restricted happening. However, it is always possible that the occurrence will befall where a client is unsatisfied. In these circumstances, the translation project will be the responsibility of another translator. It provides us with the means to guard our clients against deceptive and mediocre translators. No such occurrence goes unnoticed, and an investigation is the part of the process to identify where the problem initiated. Should the outcome of the investigation indicate that the translator is not qualified as he claimed, he will no longer be part of our team.

Time limits for translation

We pride ourselves as being the fasted translation company globally, providing outstanding translation results around the clock. To accomplish this, our translators need to commence with a translation assignment the moment the receive it. There is a restricted time connected to each translation task. When it happens that our translators that undertook to complete a translation, and it is not within the timeframe allotted to the assignment, the allocation of the project will fall on the next available translator.
We provide 60 minutes of translation time, in general, for every 200 words contained in the document requiring translation providing for an 8 to 10-hour working day. Once the client accepts the translation as suitable, we proceed with payment for the translator.

The addition of new languages

As the need for new languages transpires through our clients’ requests, we always look for the opportunity to expand the services we have available. Translators available for languages not currently listed in our language offerings are welcome to contact us to explore the possibilities for further additions.

What do we expect from our translators throughout the translation process?

  • When translators view the translation projects available, it is an open decision if they are capable of proceeding with the project. Upon accepting a certain project, the countdown timer immediately becomes visible on the project page to reveal the time available to complete the project. Upon completion, the translator put the project forward to the client for approval.
  • We have a strict set of standards, which we expect every translator to adapt too 
  • We expect our translators to accept project only when they can commence instantaneously and produce the results within the expected time allotted to the project 
  • They need to ensure that they understand the instructions completely 
  • Confirm the word count prior to commencing with the project. When there is any miscalculation concerning the word counts received from the client, the problem needs rectification before the project continue. 
  • All customers will receive professional and respectful treatment, irrespective of the behavioural conduct of the client.
  • We prohibit any negotiations between translators and customers 
  • It is not up to our translators to decide or inform the client that he requires an Expert translator; it is up to the translator whether he is capable of performing the translation assignment 
  • Utilizing the technologies available translators must understand that there is no second draft for translation assignments, we deliver work accurately the first time. Our commitment to our clients is accuracy, the first time to assure that translations befall within the timeframe they stipulate, and that is feasible