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A fast way to gain a presence in any country is by launching a multilingual PPC campaign. Several companies do not have the budgets or resources to build numerous versions of their websites based on language. However, through the miracles of PPC, advertisers can effectively and efficiently reach and bilingual or global audience online. Google AdWords became the undeniable leader in online advertising. With the increase of websites entering new markets, through the support for more languages, there is an ever-increasing requirement to translate AdWords campaigns for particular locales.

Increase Revenues with PPC campaigns

According to the Google Economic Impact Report, businesses generate an average $2 in revenue for every $1 expense they incur on AdWords. ComScore revealed that Google holds the world’s prevalent online display advertising network, with properties counting Gmail, Blogger, and YouTube. Furthermore, this Display Network serves roughly 6 billion impressions per day, calculating to 180 billion per month. The campaigns displayed on Google reaches 80% of all global internet users according to statistics revealed in Google Benchmarks and Insights. Another fact they revealed in that 99% of their top 1,000 clients is running campaigns on YouTube and the Google Display Network. To enhance campaigns, Google Conversion Optimizer is a serious feature to consider. According to Google Statistics, campaigns utilizing this feature accomplish a 21% increase in conversions while reducing CPA by 14% on average.

Disadvantages of Machine Translation

The biggest issue with several multilingual PPC campaigns is unconcern. Numerous advertisers will launch global campaigns lacking the concern for accurately translated content and culturally relevant messaging. This problem is nonetheless simple to overcome with a little additional planning and consideration. The practical details of translation can determine the success of failure of your multilingual PPC campaign. The translation quality is the most vital feature, and should, therefore, receive utmost consideration and attention. Several advertisers are frequently unknowingly guilty of translating a copy ad literally, lacking all reflection and deliberation for localization. When this materializes, the ad and landing page copy is normally perplexing for the native speaker, resulting in a decrease in the success of the campaign. Furthermore, literal translations are in the limelight, and native speakers can instantaneously determine the lack of consideration for their native language, dismissing the message without giving it a second thought. Avoid becoming a victim of this common blunder. Machine translation is inaccurate for the purpose of translating a website or campaign; you need a human.

As a Google AdWords translation company, 60 Minutes Translations can provide customers a professional translation service for their AdWords campaign across multiple languages. Our rigid amalgamation with Google Translator Toolkit, we have the capability to accept complete campaigns in the native AdWords format and provide the client with a translated and ready to upload format, requiring no formatting or file crunching.

Another element that proof problematic, for individuals using AdWords to reach other countries, is the direct translation of keywords. In numerous cases, the keywords or phrases may have multiple meanings when translated into another language. Hence, the possibility that the keywords or phrase may be irrelevant to your product. Keywords need to resemble the suitable terminology in the targeted language.

Translated landing pages are just as exclusive and translated ad copies; you need to have both. The cultural promise retrieved from the text ad must play off on the landing page simultaneously. Translating the ad text and landing pages into the target language will maximize the effectiveness and relevance of your campaign.

We understand the significance

With a wealth of experience gained from marketing translation, we understand the significance of positioning and messaging. 60 Minutes Translations work in unification with the client to guarantee that the carefully designed ad text maintains its impact across all the language you desire to support. Our international pool of translators contains both experienced copywriters, as well as subject matter experts, with backgrounds in marketing and advertising.

Our AdWords translation service offers an outstanding way for companies to test only markets and recognize demand without the investment in a fully localized website. Testing the campaigns across several languages represents an affordable way to construct a case for a completely localized site, and offers a unique insight into new online markets with the support of AdWords powerful analytic engine.

You have the opportunity to improve your online advertising even more with Google’s display advertising network. The network offers a comprehensive platform, which allows you to run rich, branded banner as for increased impact. 60 Minutes Translations can deliver full translation and localization support for the Google Display Network. We can localize video, graphic, or interactive ads to any language you wish to support. Our translation teams are based in-country, and can provide you with exclusive insight into how your ads will be received. We do consider not only the messaging, call to action, or brand, but also sensitivities such as the formatting, use of color, and layout. This guarantees that your ad remains true to the original with a look and feel that is unquestionably local.

We function as a partner in your AdWords and Banner campaign translations, taking into accounts all the aspects of your translation requirements to minimize time and expenses. We will provide you with the understanding of the particular markets you want to access. It includes the local language obligations to the particular marketing translation tones. To guarantee consistency and accuracy, all our translators enjoy access to translation memories, exclusive dictionaries, as well as terminology. Confidentiality and security concerns are high on our priority list. To ensure that all translations remain confidential our translators need to sign an obligated confidentiality and nondisclosure agreement.

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