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MailConvert - the ultimate email translation solution

MailConvert is an innovative way to communicate effectively with you audience, whether it is existing clients, prospective clients, or the employees in your multicultural corporation having branches internationally via email.

Effective communication is the two-way sharing of information that includes a distributing party that sends an easily understood message to the receiving party or parties. Effective communication between business parties, whether clients or employees, facilitates the sharing of information, which can significantly contribute to the commercial success of your corporation.

Therefore, the communication with consumers and or employees who prefer not to or are unable to correspond in languages other than their mother tongue can create difficulty, and has always been an issue in the business environment. Language barriers are no longer a concern that should cause obstacles in you communication, as this unique solution offers you the way to conquer any language barriers that may negatively influence your effective email communication.

The internet and electronic communication brought numerous advantages to the world, but the language remains a challenge in any business to reach a greater audience. Globally we perceive English as the global language of business communication. However, several countries still have a preference to use their native tongue to communicate.

There is no argument involved that communication is vital in the business world and with a few easy steps you can manage to translate any email communication to the language you or your business colleges prefer.

The process is simple

  • Just copy and paste the text that needs translation into the email converter
  • Add the emails addresses where the final email translation must be forwarded to
  • Select the source and target languages
  • Proceed with the translation
  • Using our translation wizard for attachment translation is a perfect option for your technical, medical, legal or any other expert document translation.

Our team of translation professionals is waiting to provide you with the support to effective communication. The translation is affordable, reliable and safe.

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