Multilingual Feedback Tab

Multilingual Feedback Tab

As per research conducted and statistics, individuals prefer communicating in their native language and a vast, rapidly growing amount of internet users are non-native English speakers. You may have accomplished the task to have your website exposed to global users and since your audiences prefer to communicate with you in their native language you may have the problem that your feedback tab is English only. 

To overcome this hurdle our team designed a Multilingual Feedback Tab, which is easy to incorporate into your website. This sophisticated, yet, user-friendly tool permits your possible global consumers to converse with you in their native language. When you read the conversation, the phrases will translate into your native language. You may use a professional translator for this purpose, alternatively a superior machine translation depending on your selection.

This free tab assists you and your company to overcome the language barriers, allowing you to converse with possible consumers in their language. This improves the trust you consumers want from a site as they will gain the emotion that their needs are important to you. Furthermore, they will feel respected, and will donate more time to your site, which may convince them to purchase your product or service.

Key Features:

  • It is simple to add the multi­lingual feedback tab to any website
  • There are no costs involved
  • Users can correspond in the language they are comfortable with
  • Admin can control the language selection
  • Feedback is available online and sends via email
  • Feedback translation is done by Google Translate
  • Admin can customize the tab to fit your website
  • There is no limitation to the amount of Feedback Tabs you generate
  • It provides the user with a complete feedback management system

How do you use the Multi­Lingual Feedback Tab:

  • Register on the 60 Minutes Translations website as a client � FREE. The account will enable you to manage your Feedback Tabs, which you generate.
  • Go to My Forms.
  • Select ADD NEW
  • Complete the details as you would like for your tab and save
  • Copy the computer generated code by selecting GET CODE on the provided tab list
  • Paste the code on the website, which you created it for
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