What is website translation

Website translation or localization modifies an obtainable website to become available, functional, and culturally appropriate for an intended target audience.
The amount of non-native English speaking internet users occupy vast amounts and according to extensive research conducted by Forrester Research, visitors will remain on a website for twice as long when the language employed on the website is their own.
Therefore, no secret is contained in the fact that website localization will benefit your goal to reach international markets when considering expanding into the worldwide trades.

It is our goal at 60 Minute Translations to eliminate the difficulty and presumption from the website translation circumstances.
Our expert team continues where the website developer finish.
Merging the arts of technology and workflow with the skill of professional linguistic and cultural adjustment are the unwavering roots of our success.
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What does Website translation involve?

  • An analysis of the website localization- specifications according to requirements, client specific process definition, a project engineering analysis, and scheduling, which will provide you with truthful expenses and timelines necessary to finalize the work scope.
  • Website content translation - certification that the translation of the website is linguistically and culturally accurate including the style, grammar, vocabulary, grammar, and level of speech, according to the target audience's society and culture.
  • The localizing layout and the site navigation - translation frequently influences the layout and may necessitate less or additional space subjective to the target country. Top to bottom, right to left, and which pages should be accessible are vital concerns in the localization process.
  • Adjusting any pictures according to the audience -enclosing cultural messages within pictures is possible. Without prior knowledge, your product or company may depict negative implications, which may bother or even insult visitors. Any pictures need to be look over and maybe changed to reflect positively on the message and company.
  • Localizing Symbols - similar to pictures symbols can originate issues in localization as symbols have diverse meaning to a global audience. Recognized items such as measurement units, time and date displays, numbering systems fonts, and currency are, when acknowledged and formatted appropriately, part of the localization process.
  • Adjusting colors to cultures - suitable color selections can enhance user acceptance and exclude any concealed meanings. The color selection might not have unsuccessful outcomes every time. However, sidestepping subtle uninvited meanings are worthwhile.

Why is Website Translation Important?

Globalization empowered companies to expand their reach further than country borders but delivered socio-economic difficulties in the same process. Supporting a company's success is the probability of attaining and convincing the intended audience to act upon the messages they receive while browsing. The company's website serves a similar purpose as a shop window, and it is crucial that this window is suitably equipped to accommodate an assortment of markets and ethnic groups.

Furthermore, it is important that any communication expressed by the company, convert the message as originally intended. 60 Minute Translations offers you website translation and localization services that can magnify the range of your business. Certified linguists perform these services, providing you with significant experience in converting websites that accommodate the requirements of specific ethnic groups and markets. Utilizing this service will permit you to exploit global markets, which were previously inaccessible while communicating effectively in the relevant market languages.

The efficient team employed by 60 Minute Translations enables us to provide you with experience, knowledge, and resources to translate your website effectively to the language you require.

  • Overcome language and culture barriers
  • Reach prospective global target audience
  • Avoid negative implications that could annoy or even insult the target audience
  • Ensure that the layout remains together and culturally correct
  • Guarantee that the message you intend to broadcast remains the same

For any company to capitalize on its profits in the current economy it needs to stretch beyond national borders. Obtaining access to the global consumer base is imperative when a company wishes to grow and partake in the intercontinental markets. Website localization is the process of modifying a characteristically English website, with a clear western orientation to a website that adapt to a foreign target audience.

As the name indicates, the World Wide Web is a resource that companies can utilize to reach global audiences. The growing amount of companies recognizing that website localization is a productive approach to reach and sell to global consumers is growing at a rapid rate.

Website localization provides several advantages to companies. However, three prime benefits reveal itself through the companies that have already undergone website translation processes. The service provides companies with the opportunity to overcome language and cultural barriers

Website localization crosses language barriers

As 1/3 of internet users, globally are non-native English speakers, and with the increase in internet technology sales increasing at a fast rate, this ratio will upsurge even more. Using website localization services assist companies to gain access to markets that were previously beyond their reach. Companies need to admit that English has become one of the several international languages, and should make precautions now before falling behind in the future.

Website localization constructs credibility

Consider the following for a moment. If company A employs and English site only and company B, which is the competitor for A, has sites in all the major languages, which one will have more credibility? The localization of your website illustrates that you are a global competitor, respecting and valuing the people of the specific country or location.

Website localization command escalations of revenues

Billions of global currencies in prospective revenue goes to waste every year since there is an absence of outlay in website localization. Internet users will be more at ease and appreciate a company more when the products, services, and the information are available in the native language engaged by the particular user. The website localization process can open doors to provide your company with access to vast amounts of new consumers.

If you want to trade globally, website localization is not an option it is necessary. Though, take into consideration that it is a large monetary layout, which you should not meditate as a forthright process. When deciding to proceed with localizing your company website, make certain that receive expert assistance to ensure that the design and cultural communication has a comprehensive influence on the intended audience.