Translation Services

Translation Services

Globalization forced companies to open their doors to international trading to remain competitive and increase their revenues. However, it did not come without difficulties. Communication with parties from diverse backgrounds and cultures has been a local issue and expanding across national borders increased communication issues immensely.

At 60 Minutes Translations, we provide you with a variety of solutions to accommodate your translation projects. We set no limitation to the amount of translation work we do. Whether you have a single document or thousands of documents, which require translation, our expert team of certified translators are equipped to complete the translation process effectively at a rapid speed with professional results.

We have the ability to translate your documents into more than 75 languages. To reach your anticipated deadline, we divide the work among our vast amount of experts in the relevant field of translation required, providing you an expert result at affordable pricing.

What we have to offer

Translation is the essence of our business. Therefore, no job is too big or too small for us to accommodate. We pride ourselves as being the fastest and leading global translation company. We offer you the resources, experiences, knowledge, expertise, and accuracy we assembled through a thorough screening process when employing our translators.

The World Web opened doors to companies that previously did not entertain the global market with their products and services. Now, the world market is at your doorstep, yet the difficulties arise since a large percentage of internet users are non-native English speakers.

Our services offer you the opportunity to communicate comprehensively with all possible consumers in the language they are comfortable to employ in communication. With a large expanding community of translators, it is now likely to convert your website into as many languages as you desire, accommodating all culture implications with the assistance of our translation team, to guarantee that the message and design of your website remain in place without any hassles.

Benefits of translation

Statistics and research reveal that consumers have the tendency to remain on a website twice as long when it is in their language than when it is in English. Furthermore, the consumer would rather purchase products or services from such a website with more comfort and ease as they understand the content fully.

However, the quality of the translation is crucial. A website revealing poor translation relay an aspect of disrespect towards the consumer, which would rather drive him from the website than provide him with trust and comfort.

The solutions we provide you transform the translation process to a simple development with efficient results. Our website localization services ensure that your website is professional, keeping the intended message within the boundaries you envisioned throughout the diverse languages you desire. The translation process should not provide you with difficulties, and with our streamlined technologies and expert translators, we do the work behind the scenes, containing any hardship and hassles before they transpire.

Within a limited period, we will have your website available to all your global consumers, opening doors to the global markets, previously restricted due to language and cultural barriers. Translation takes time. Nonetheless, our objective is to provide you with an incomparable service, on time, every time, without the expectation that you should pay extraneous for the service provided. We set high standards for the quality we deliver, as we believe that our clients deserve nothing less than the best.

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