Translation API

Translation API

Translating huge volumes of content in a CMS or Content Management system can provide a tremendous amount of issues and difficulties. However, the Translation API system you have access to as one of our well-respected clients provides the perfect solution for this function.

This program can scale according to your company requirements, incorporating with you Content Management System effortlessly. Translation of additional content transpires spontaneously, necessitating no added expense to perform this function. Once the finalization of the translations process transpire Translation API adds the files directly back onto the Content Management System.

Companies with widespread translation requirements can no incorporate our Translation API in their Content Management System, systematizing their translation workflow. Following this incorporation, our supreme quality translation services become part of their CMS providing them with the benefits associated with our translation services. Size is no matter in this equation; it is available to all and applicable to any global project they may consider now and in the future.

With the addition of new content on the CMS, 60 Minutes Translations automatically receives the files and our expert team commences with the translation without delay. Once finalized we upload the files onto your CMS, removing all the hassle associated with translation processes.

We provide all the assistance you necessitate incorporating the Translation API into your CMS. As it is a spontaneous process, no additional training or new employees are necessary. After the effortless incorporation of Translation API into the CMS companies gain instantaneous access to all the benefits embraced by the program. There is no additional workload related to the process, allowing you to continue with your duties while we do the work.

  • Spontaneous translation of extensive volumes of content involving limited or no expenses
  • Around the clock support and access
  • It is user-friendly and simple to implement

60 Minutes Translations runs on a perfect integration of people and technology, allowing us to deliver to you an exceptional finished product. Our personnel rely on each other and operate together but at several different layers, producing a result that has the best quality even before it reaches our final reviewers.

We offer the best value for money in the translation market, and that motivates us to have unmatchable quality standards. We at 60 Minutes Translations leave out absolutely nothing to chance when being confident and sure that our clients receive a rememberable service, compelling them not hesitate to entrust us with more.

If our Translation API is unable to meet your extensive content volume translation requirements, we are open for discussion on how we can further develop solutions to meet you translation expectations.

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