Website Translation

Website Translation

Website translation or localization modifies an obtainable website to become available, functional, and culturally appropriate for an intended target audience.
The amount of non-native English speaking internet users occupy vast amounts and according to extensive research conducted by Forrester Research, visitors will remain on a website for twice as long when the language employed on the website is their own.
Therefore, no secret is contained in the fact that website localization will benefit your goal to reach international markets when considering expanding into the worldwide trades.

It is our goal at 60 Minute Translations to eliminate the difficulty and presumption from the website translation circumstances.
Our expert team continues where the website developer finish.
Merging the arts of technology and workflow with the skill of professional linguistic and cultural adjustment are the unwavering roots of our success.
Our clients are individuals, and the solutions we deliver must imitate that.
We take a germane interest in every project, no matter the size.

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